Jason R. Grant
Product Designer

Verizon Consumer Group

Apps & Add-ons

The project
  • Responsive web
  • 2 UX/2 UI┬ádesigners
My Role
  • UX Lead
The Ask

Throughout my contract at PublicisSapient, I had the privilege of collaborating with multiple teams at Verizon, engaging in a range of projects from establishing a unified design system for over 50 apps and add-on products, to rapidly designing online sales flows for complex B2B offerings. I played a pivotal role as both a senior UX designer and design lead.

The problem

Verizon faced a significant UX design problem within their extensive portfolio of over 50 apps and add-on services, which constituted their 3rd largest stream of revenue. The product ecosystem lacked a cohesive design and content strategy, resulting in individual product owners being responsible for designing their respective landing pages. The absence of a content management system (CMS) exacerbated these ad-hoc maintenance practices. Moreover, product data was sourced from disparate systems and was presented inconsistently, making it challenging for customers to easily compare products.

The design solution

Recognizing these business and user interface challenges, my team was tasked with creating scalable systems for the business, and improving the overall user experience for Verizon's apps & add-ons customers.

  • I collaborated with our content strategist to perform an extensive content audit across all 50+ products
  • We used the results of the content audit to identify commonly used data, redundant data, and find opportunities for more helpful new data fields
  • We then mapped the data to a comprehensive template system which spanned a master category page, to individual product detail pages.
  • Through multiple design iterations under my guidance, the UX and UI designers created a flexible PDP system which accommodated a diverse range of content types, and quantity.

Step one was to identify common data, and accommodate new data field requests and create a scalable product card system.

Verizon's wide range of products required a flexible template system to fit information dense and image rich products, as well as simpler products with less content.

We created a responsive system for web, and collaborated with the app team to align design patterns. All of this was created using Verizon's in-house design system.