Jason R. Grant
Product Designer

Verizon Business Group

Business products sales flows

The project
  • Responsive web
  • 3 UX designers
My Role
  • Sr. UX Designer
The Ask

Throughout my contract at PublicisSapient, I had the privilege of collaborating with multiple teams at Verizon, engaging in a range of projects from establishing a unified design system for over 50 apps and add-on products, to rapidly designing online sales flows for complex B2B offerings. I played a pivotal role as both a senior UX designer and design lead.

The problem

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the Verizon Business Group faced a significant challenge as the lockdown orders necessitated a rapid strategic shift for their products that traditionally relied on in-store sales. Unlike their consumer products, many of the business products were more complex, demanding extensive documentation and lengthy verification processes. In this context, our team at PublicisSapient was tasked with designing several sales flows for key business products, including OneTalk, within a tight timeframe.

The design solution

Our design solution focused on streamlining the sales process for Verizon by integrating Verizon’s existing back-end ecommerce services and addressing the additional complexities of the business flow. Through extensive collaboration with the sales team and internal stakeholders, we crafted a solution that enhanced the user experience and preserved the sales pipeline. While the circumstances shifted after the COVID pandemic subsided, our interim solution proved valuable in adapting to the evolving sales landscape.

  • Consulted with the sales team to gain insights into the in-person sales process, informing the content strategy for the landing page.
  • Created unique checkout flows, accommodating the complexities of business background checks and fraud prevention measures.
  • Conducted multiple reviews and iterative improvements in close collaboration with the sales team, ensuring a workable and effective solution.
  • Our interim solution successfully preserved the sales pipeline during the COVID-related slowdown and store closings, adapting to changing circumstances.

We first worked to make the product benefits clear to the customer by leveraging Verizon Design System components, and doing a complete copy overhaul. While they ultimately decided to revert to an in-person sales experience, this exercise still resulted in an improved product landing page.

We created unique sales flows to accommodate the multiple ways of adding One Talk to business phone accounts. Each presented unique challenges.

In addition, we added OneTalk ready desk phones to the ecommerce flow. While we were able to leverage Verizon's design system for elements of the product detail page, quite a bit of content types and data sources needed to be aligned across models to ensure a cohesive experience.