Jason R. Grant
Product Designer

Xfinity Offers

Xfinity Offers

The project
  • Responsive Web
  • 1 UX/1 UI┬ádesigner
  • 6 month timeline
My Role
  • Principal UX designer
The Ask

Working on behalf of PublicisSapient for Xfinity (Comcast), I had the opportunity to dive into a range of exciting projects; From reworking content hierarchy, to redesigning sales tools to improve usability and conversion. My aim was to create a more cohesive experience and deliver concrete results for Xfinity.

The problem

During this project I tackled the redesign of the All Offers and GBB (Good, Better, Best) Offers pages, as well as the Offers Tiles. Qualitative research conducted during a previous sprint uncovered confusion regarding pricing transparency, and challenges in comparing different offers. The effect was a lack of confidence when making purchasing decisions.

The content displayed on the Offers Tiles lacked visual hierarchy and suffered from poor scannability. Additionally, the filters occupied a considerable amount of space on the screen, diverting attention away from the primary focus.

In addition, there was duplicative information between offers, causing difficulty in making informed decisions and comparisons.

Vertical filters reduced the available real estate for offer cards, and clunky interactions resulted in a negative user experience.

The design solution

We started by gathering insights on the usage of the All Offers page and the Offers Tiles with the help of a data analyst at Comcast. Additionally, we referred to ecommerce industry reports to look for best practices for filter design to inform the redesign of the filter and sort functionality. Armed with this information, we embarked on multiple rounds of visual design concepting and interaction design wireframing. The final step involved collaborating with a prototyping group at Comcast to transform our ideas into a live prototype, which was then put through user testing.

We opted for horizontally oriented filters to maximize screen real estate, and changed filter options using customer-centric terms (e.g. internet use cases as opposed to bandwidth speeds).

We carefully redesigned the card layout to focus on the most important elements as identified in user testing, and to accommodate multiple product bundles without feeling crowded.