Jason R. Grant
Product Designer

Bread Financial

Native App & Responsive Web Design

The project
  • Native app + responsive web
  • 1 UX/2 UI designers, 1 content strategist
  • 7 months
My Role
  • Lead UX designer
The Ask

During my time at Razorfish, I worked with Bread Financial (formerly Comenity Bank), a leading white-label credit card provider, on app and responsive web projects. Our focus was on addressing customer pain points, expanding app functionality, and re-thinking sales lead generation. We aimed to enhance customer satisfaction, improve B2B product understanding, and boost conversion.

The problem

Bread Financial, a prominent provider of white-label credit cards to hundreds of national retailers, encountered several marketing challenges during their transition from Comenity Bank to Bread Financial. Their primary hurdle was limited brand recognition. Additionally, their B2B microsites lacked consistency in presentation and depth of information, as research revealed that business users found it challenging to comprehend the provided information. Moreover, the lead generation forms had a low conversion rate. These issues collectively emphasized the need for a comprehensive redesign to enhance brand recognition, provide clear product information, ensure visual continuity, and optimize lead generation for Bread Financial's B2B microsites.

The current sight had a lot of words, but little substance. Research on product comprehension with potential customers indicated that the content wasn't telling a compelling story.

The existing lead generation form had a poor success rate, and contained many extra questions that the sales team didn't utilize.

The product detail pages didn't do the job of quickly conveying product mechanics, and product value, leaving many of our research participants unclear as to what Bread Financial offered small businesses like theirs.

The design solution

Collaborating closely with a content strategist, we conducted client workshops to craft a captivating story that conveyed business value and resonated with the audience. This process guided the creation of meaningful copy that engaged users. Building upon the compelling narrative, I developed flexible templates to ensure scalability across multiple products. The visual design team integrated the Bread design system language into the templates, ensuring visual consistency and accessibility compliance. To optimize the user journey, we collaborated with the sales team to streamline the lead generation form, reducing friction. This comprehensive design solution addressed branding, messaging, visual design, and KPI success, resulting in a better reflection of Bread Financial’s industry leading experience.

We moved the lead generation form front and center, and also repeated it further down the page to ensure the greatest capture rate. We also got right into the product mechanics, and value more quickly than the current designs.

Flexible product cards help users quickly decide which products may suit their business. Improved produce detail page templates provide a deep dive into each product type.

A streamlined lead generation form utilizes only the fields that the sales team need, and that potential customers reported being comfortable sharing early in the sales conversation.